The educational and scientific activity of the Faculty of Economics is realized through: undergraduate, master and doctoral studies. The Faculty also organizes special forms of studies for training and innovation of knowledge as well as through scientific-research activity. The Faculty  organizes professional examinations for secondary school teachers of economic orientation.

Undergraduate academic studies

At the undergraduate academic studies, the Faculty organizes study programs that last 8 semesters or 4 years, where students of the final  year can choose for one of the offered modules. Each study programme includes some of the general educational subjects that provide knowledge of sociology, foreign languages, etc., as well as theoretical and methodological subjects such as mathematics, statistics, the basis of economics, macroeconomic analysis, etc., which are the basis for further study of scientific-professional and professional-applicative subjects. >>

Master Academic Studies

At Master Academic Studies, the Faculty organizes study programs  that last two  semesters or 1 year. The realization of the teaching proces of each study programme is done in the form of theoretical instructions and practical exercises. Teaching comprises  lectures on planned methodological units as well as practise exercises related to solving practical problems and tasks that the student might meet in some future work. Lectures and exercises take place in groups that are optimal and coordinated with the Bologna Declaration as well as with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) >>

Doctoral Studies

The Doctoral Studies study programme, Business Economics, lasts six semesters and contains 180 ECTS. Based on contemporary scientific achievements in the field of economics, the program provides doctoral students with professional knowledge and appropriate management and research skills in economic disciplines and additional contents. Doctoral students, at this programme have a possibility  to elect subjects in accordance with their own affinities and orientations, in that way  independently creating  part of their educational program…>>