Studies programs

Business Economics

The Doctoral Studies study programme, Business Economics, lasts six semesters and contains 180 ECTS. Based on contemporary scientific achievements in the field of economics, the program provides doctoral students with professional knowledge and appropriate management and research skills in economic disciplines and additional contents. Doctoral students, at this programme have a possibility  to elect subjects in accordance with their own affinities and orientations, in that way  independently creating  part of their educational program. During the  course , the student focuses on the specific direction, while investigating the specific economic areas (Investments and Sustainable Development, Financial Reporting, Specificity of Financing in Entrepreneurship, etc.), examines and analyzes problems that can arise in a given segment of economic reality and proposes certain measures to overcome them.By combining appropriate elective subjects, preparation of seminar papers, and other activities, PhD students will be thematically oriented in a particular research direction in the function of conducting all preparatory scientific and research activities for the preparation of doctoral dissertation.The concept of elective courses is designed to satisfy the most diverse thematic interests for studying certain concepts, problems and thematic areas in different fields.The realization of the teaching proces of this study programme is carried out in the form of theoretical teaching and research work. Teaching takes place in the form of lectures on planned methodological units, as well as through research work related to solving practical problems and tasks that the student might meet in some future work.In the third year of doctoral studies, the student prepares, in the framework of the study research work, a preliminary plan of the doctoral dissertation containing a sketch of scientific ideas, the formulation of the theme and problems, and the determination of the subject of the research and performs a research work in the function of making a doctoral dissertation…>>