Study programs

The study program Business Economics which is accredited for doctoral academic studies,  is designed to consist only one mandatory  subject  – Methods and techniques of scientific research and analysis, while a wideroffer of elective courses is provided, so that students can independently choose the approach to solving complex social and economic problems that are in the domain of their interest. This provides encouragement to young scientists to independently choose the subject and area of ​​their research, because it is the best way to develop their creative abilities and achieve significant scientific results. The study program of doctoral studies in Business Economics is aimed at developing competencies in the field of economics.

You can see the schedule of the course and the structure of the study program HERE.

Business Economics

The study program of doctoral studies in Business Economics lasts six semesters and is valued180 ECTS.

The study program offers doctoral students to choose elective courses according to their affinities and orientations, with which they independently profile a part of their educational program. During the study, the doctoral student orients himself / herself in a certain direction, researching a specific economic field (investments and sustainable development, financial reporting, specifics of financing in entrepreneurship, etc.), examining and analyzing problems that may occur in a given segment of economic reality and proposing certain measures for overcoming them.

By combining appropriate elective courses, preparing seminar papers, and other activities, doctoral students will be thematically directed in a particular research direction in the function of conducting all preparatory scientific and research activities to approach the preparation of a doctoral dissertation.

The concept of offering elective courses is designed so that it can satisfy the most diverse thematic interests for the study of certain concepts, problems, nd thematic sets in different areas.

The realization of the teaching of this study program is performed in the form of theoretical teaching and research work. Teaching takes place in the form of lectures on planned methodological units, as well as through research work related to solving practical problems and tasks that the doctoral student would encounter in future work.

In the third year of doctoral studies, the student within the study research work makes a conceptual sketch of the doctoral dissertation which contains a draft of scientific ideas, formulation of topics and problems and determining the subject of research and performs study research work in the function of making a doctoral dissertation.

The doctoral student acquires competencies in accordance with the purpose and goals of the program:

  1. The most important is the ability for independent research work which is verified by publications and defense of the doctoral dissertation,
  2. Application of acquired knowledge and skills in practice or in scientific research centers. Doctoral students acquire the ability to work in teams in research and development teams,
  3. Ability to select problems that are important for the development of economic science, domestic and world economy and enable successful dealing with current problems in accordance with material and personnel conditions,
  4. Ability to present the obtained results both at scientific conferences and in written works,
  5. Ability to engage in global research trends, through intensive monitoring and selection of relevant literature, communication with global research groups and presentation of their research,
  6. Ability to get involved in the realization of international scientific projects,
  7. Ability to think critically, act creatively and autonomously,
  8. Ability to make a full contribution to the development of economic science, science in general, business practice, as well as social and economic development of the local community, as well as the country as a whole and the like.