At the undergraduate academic studies, the Faculty organizes study programs that last 8 semesters or 4 years, whereby students in the third year can opt for one of the two offered modules: Finance, Banking and Accounting and Marketing and Management. Each of the mentioned modules in its part includes general education subjects that provide knowledge of: sociology, foreign languages, etc., as well as theoretical and methodological subjects such as: mathematics, statistics, basics of economics, macroeconomic analysis, etc., which are the foundation for upgrading of scientific-professional and professional-applied subjects. Study programs enable students, according to their affinities and orientations, to choose elective subjects and independently profile part of their educational program. The realization of the teaching of each study program is performed in the form of theoretical teaching and practical exercises. Teaching takes place in the form of lectures on planned methodological units as well as through exercises related to solving practical problems and tasks that the student would encounter in future work. Lectures and exercises take place in groups that are optimal and that are in line with the Bologna Declaration and in accordance with the European ECTS Credit Transfer System.

Study program ``Business Economics``

The study program “Business Economics” lasts eight semesters and is valued  240 ECTS credits. All students have joint classes for the first two years of study, during which they study disciplines the knowledge of which  is necessary for any highly qualified economist. From the third year of study, the study program contains directing students towards two modules: Finance, Banking and Accounting and Marketing and Management, which enables them to specialize within the chosen economic field. At the same time, in the third year, some subjects are still studied by all students, while others appear as elective subjects depending on the chosen  specialization. Based on modern scientific achievements in these fields, the program provides students with basic knowledge as well as knowledge of professional disciplines and ancillary content.

You can see the schedule of courses in this study program here.

Finance, Banking and Accounting

The study module “Finance, Banking and Accounting” includes professional disciplines from: international banking, financial markets and institutions, banking, insurance, tax accounting, electronic business, control and audit, etc.

Marketing and Management

The study module “Marketing and Management” provides students with knowledge of: service management, international marketing, consumer behavior, human resource management, sales management, quality management and similar scientific disciplines.